Hi, this is Josh Garey in Berkeley, California. I love writing, recording and performing music of all kinds. In this top 'block' of parchment I post my latest and greatest; in the blocks below you can slowly travel back in time and listen to (and download free for non-commercial use!) over 100 songs from my past adventures. I hope you like what you hear and it brightens your day. Peace, ~Josh.



Tough Guys

Cannabis Cures Cancer (solo home studio) mp3

Free Free Energy (solo home studio) mp3

The Horror (solo home studio) mp3

Here & Now feat. Douglas Price (solo home studio) mp3

Hang On (Pt. 2) feat. Douglas Price (solo home studio) mp3

Syria (solo home studio) mp3

I'm Old (solo home studio) mp3

Stay On Target (solo home studio) mp3

Big Muddy Puddle (solo home studio) mp3

"Fridhem Gaard 1877" - Swedish B&B commerical (solo home studio) mp3

Saw It (solo home studio) mp3

Far Side (solo home studio) mp3

Ofuro! (solo home studio) mp3

Jackson Kai (solo home studio) mp3

Wish I Had a Wish (solo home studio) mp3

Ascension f. David Icke & Credo Mutwa (solo home studio) mp3

Hot Young Stars (solo home studio) mp3

The One (solo home studio) mp3

Annie Girl (solo home studio) mp3

Seven Eves (solo home studio) mp3

Stay in the Light (solo home studio) mp3

For Robert (solo home studio) mp3

[Everybody's Workin' for the] C.I.A. (solo home studio) mp3

Ascension f. Darian Gray (solo home studio) mp3

Sun House - On the Rise Again

Sun House delivers a raw, explosive sound that evokes the spirit of 60's blues-rock, melodic hard rock and groovy jams while always taking it somewhere new, as with songs in Japanese about vegetables and the secret rulers of the world (but not in the same song). Featuring Josh Garey on guitar & vocal (Comfy Chair, Gun & Doll Show), Keith Hanson on bass & vocal and Bill Bledsoe on drums & vocal.

DNA 1-17-2011

Danny-Jun mp3

Satsumaimo mp3

D.C. Runaway mp3

Russell Brand f.Keith mp3

Sun House - 'Ushu Ones'

Sun House is a band that began as a reunion of guitarist Josh Garey and singer Douglas Price, who had previously played together years before in a group called Private Culture. Their debut album, 'Ushu Ones', released in 2008, features some of the Bay Area's top musical talent and presents an organic & spicy mix of original rock, funk, soul, reggae and blues.

Sun House - 'Ushu Ones'

UnMuddied Waters mp3

The Lizard of Oz mp3

Wait So Long mp3

After You mp3

Thy Name Is Love mp3

Yellow Bus mp3

Sugar Daddy mp3

Red Shifted mp3

Solitary mp3

Heavy Gardening Tools mp3

Cui Bono? mp3

Far Side (live!) mp3

[classic soul cover] (live!) mp3

War Jam (live!) mp3

Comfy Chair - Time Travelling Vaudevillian Slamswing!

Featuring Ira Levin on lead vocals, sax, flute and an unlimited supply of good cheer & voice impersonations, Josh Garey on guitar, vocals & banana peels and Greg Minter on bass guitar, vocals & hullaballoo, Comfy Chair will tickle your funny bone, tug at your heartstrings and then take you out for tea.

Comfy Chair - Time Travelling Vaudevillian Slamswing!

Grazie Mille! mp3

Renaissance in Harlem mp3

Jimmy & Jack mp3

The Great Depression mp3

Jazz Age mp3

Dance of the Wigs mp3

Why Don't We Dance? f. Amy X Neuberg & Joaquin Spengemann mp3

Cheer Up! mp3

Guacamole King mp3

You Love Us mp3

Mae Breeze mp3

Rainy Day mp3

Cutting Session mp3

The Lunatic Song (f. Darian Gray) mp3

Charlie Christian mp3

Cherry Blossom Song f. Kayla Cahoon mp3

Saul Goode Trilogy mp3

Same Three Chords mp3

In a Daze mp3

Sound Praise mp3

Macabre Tour Guide mp3

Didja Redo? (Pt. 2) mp3

The Wabbit (live!) mp3

Wacky Tobaccy / "Fats" (live!) mp3

The Viper (4-track rarity) mp3

White People (eponymous)

White People is the result of two old friends hanging out and recording at their leisure over the course of about two years. Between the two of them, Josh Garey and Morgan Riley generate an "electro-acoustic" sound that combines guitars, vocals & songwriting with DJ cuts, scratches, loops, samples, beats, soundscapes & synthesizers. Dig in.

Nagrom Dna Hsoj

Traffic mp3

These Things mp3

Enjoy mp3

Medicine Hat mp3

Shack Music mp3

Idoru mp3

Snake Eggs mp3

Space Invaders mp3

Too Far Away mp3

Hunters. mp3

Copper for Gold feat. Robert Ball mp3

Bush! We Did it Again mp3

Sir Frock mp3

Shuggie-Orff mp3

Citizen of Earth mp3

Hangman mp3

UltraNada - 'Nada Problem'

UltraNada is a rock concept that recorded quite a bit and had airplay on the Pacifica Network with 'Madness of War', but played only a few live gigs. Josh Garey on guitars & vocals with a colorful cast of various and talented friends & co-conspirators on backups: Geoff Piper (bass), Darian Gray (drums), Johnny Wilson (bass), Joaquin Spengemann (drums) and Randy Rood of Emeryville Recording mannin' the console.


Left/Anon. mp3

Sunny Side (of the street) mp3

Seurat the Dot mp3

Madness of War mp3

The A.O.C. mp3

Digital Flowers mp3

I Remain Calm mp3

SG-1 mp3

Konked Out Kitty (4-track solo) mp3

3 O'clock Gun Klub (4-track solo) mp3

Song without a Name mp3

Psyde Cheaux Prophets - 'Public Tranceportation'

Purportedly (read: occasionally) featuring Oakland bass & vocal legend Robert Ball, Josh Garey on guitars & vocals, Jesse Hiatt on keys and Joel Griffin on drums. Recorded by the exceedingly generous and forgiving gents at Laughing Tiger Studios in San Rafael, CA: Ari Rios, Daniel Daniel, David Simon-Baker and Jim Reitzel.

Psyde Cheaux Prophets

Very Chic mp3

Perfect Ass mp3

Eucalyptus Grove mp3

Funch-ness Monster mp3

Heavy Gardening Tools mp3

Flower mp3

Call this River mp3

Begin Again mp3

Rob Ball Living Room Jam Sept. 2006 mp3

Power Crazed Dictators

Recorded by Bill "Mudboy" Lackey at his house of horrors in Oakland, CA, the Power Crazed Dictators were happy-go-lucky bakery boys by day and comical anti-heroes by night. Preceding a wave as big as the hip-hop-metal craze that was to follow was a task for only a hearty few. PCD were among them, gettin' down in the 'Town. Featuring Josh Garey, Are Zeeb, Jon Clarence Nelson, Joel Griffin and DJ Pause.

Power Crazed Dictators

Adios, Johnny Bravo mp3

Access Denied mp3

Crime of the Century mp3

Deep as the Devil (live) mp3

K.F.J. mp3

Mob Mentality mp3

P.C.D. Anthem mp3

Private Culture

From 1989 to 1992, Private Culture went very quickly from a high school garage band to a weekend nightclub opener for Primus, No Doubt, the Mo'fessionals, Smoking Section, Psychefunkapus, the Bluchunks and countless other talented live groups from that era of Bay Area Music. Members included Oakland bass & vocal legend Robert Ball, Josh Garey, Ethan Eubanks, Douglas Price, Stephen Bradley, Glenn Brady, Michael Grate, Colin Gleason, Theodross Avery, Dave Bomberg and Kevin Edwards.

Private Culture - The Password is 'Grapejuice'

No Resistance mp3

Show No Fear mp3

Solitary mp3

Secret Soul mp3

Mystic Eyes (live f. Robert Ball) mp3

War Jam '91 (f. Robert Ball) mp3

Behind Bars (f. Robert Ball) mp3

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