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Welcome to Flaming Pie Productions, home of the best fresh baked music. If you are looking for Comfy Chair, The World's Last - and First - Time Travelling Vaudevillian Band, you've come to the right place! Use the pies above to navigate to Comfy Chair's myspace page for your free listening pleasure, or head directly to CD Baby to purchase 'Party on the Titanic' and 'Hello, Dali!'.

In addition, the members of Comfy Chair have been cooking up a cornucopia of copious concoctions calibrated to create something beginning with "C". In other words, we play in multiple bands, including Josh Garey's Rock & Soul for the People, Sun House and his electro-acoustic soundscape project, White People, as well as Ira Levin's madcap children's music for all ages, Uncle Eye & The Strange Change Machine and his Jewish-Sufi World Folk band for peace, The Levins.

We hope this finds you well, that you enjoy our music and feel free to contact us!
~The Chairmen

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'Hello, Dali!'
Comfy Chair's long awaited, critically acclaimed, badger-approved and really terrific album, 'Hello, Dali!'

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